In every role I take on, I hope to strengthen relationships by connecting people to community resources, to each other, and to the world around them.

As a physician, I strive to listen carefully to my patients and to translate medical terms into accessible language for the families I serve. Even while I help manage complex medical situations, I hope to empower individuals by teaching them to be their own best advocates.

As a writer, I seek to unearth the deeper lessons nestled within challenges and choices faced by ordinary people. My greatest privilege is to bear witness. As I help shape each story into its most compelling narrative, I see myself as a curator, committed to preserving the voice of the individual. As chapters come together into something so much greater than the sum of their parts, I am honored to help build communities through storytelling.

As a parent, I love to help other families navigate the intricacies of daily life and to bring friends together to spend time outdoors. I try to raise my children to be citizens of the world, aware of our context and of the larger communities we inhabit and travel through. I try to live with intention, mindful of prioritizing experiences over things and holding time as our most valuable commodity.

And I try to remember all of these ideals when the kids are shouting at each other, the pasta water is boiling over, the phone is ringing with a request for a consult, and two days’ worth of dishes are piled up in the sink.

Because our truest connections are revealed when we allow ourselves to be imperfect.

Inspiration & Resources


The Moth

The Children's Book Bank

Reach Out and Read

Portland-area public libraries: Multnomah CountyWashington CountyClackamas County

Powell's City of Books, the world's largest independent bookstore and a local Portland treasure

Two other favorite local bookstores: Broadway Books and Annie Bloom's



The origins of narrative medicine: Rita Charon, MD, PhD

Lifework of my undergraduate mentor, Arthur Kleinman

Stanford Pegasus Physician Writers

Huffington Post article about the healing power of storytelling



Voluntary simplicity

Connecting kids to the natural world

Global Citizen

A few standout podcasts and radio programs that often include compelling stories about the complexities of parenthood and family life: The Moth, Terrible, Thanks for Asking, Mom & Dad Are Fighting, This American Life

How to Raise An Adult, by Julie Lythcott-Haims

Books to inspire kids, written by Portland based-writer Michelle Roehm McCann (including Girls Who Rocked the World, More Girls Who Rocked the World, and Boys Who Rocked the World)

Portland-area family magazines and organizations: PDX ParentNW Kids Magazine

One of my biggest inspirations lately: If You Want to See a Whale, a beautifully simple children's book about singularity of focus and putting first things first


What kinds of resources would you like to see more of here? Please send me a suggestion!