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Tri For Yourself is a resource for anyone and everyone who wants to challenge themselves to meet personal goals in physical and mental fitness. We welcome people of all ages, genders, races, ethnicities, abilities, faiths, orientations, inclinations, strengths, shortcomings, and perspectives. You don’t have to be fast or skilled or nicely dressed. You just need to be persistent.


I’ve wanted to do a triathlon for years. But I was less enthusiastic about missing weekends with my family, spending large amounts of money on gas and hotels and entry fees for far-away venues, or swimming in open water with lurking wildlife or shoreline trash.

A couple of months ago, I suddenly realized that none of these factors were true obstacles to accomplishing my goal. I didn’t need anyone else’s permission, validation, or direction. I could create my own event: swimming in our community center pool, mountain biking through the hilly neighborhoods surrounding it, and finishing with a run in the nearby woods.

As soon as I thought of the idea for myself, I was eager to open this door for everyone else too. Because while I was sure that I wanted my first race to be a standard sprint triathlon (sprint meaning short distance--not necessarily fast speed!), I envisioned the potential for combining any three fitness challenges. Love to walk with your dog? Work up to a longer hike than you’ve ever done before. Terrified of the water? Aim for one full lap of your local pool, out and back without stopping. Live in a snowy climate? Include a cross-country ski tour....

Although I had committed to this goal for my own benefit, I also knew it would be even more rewarding to do with others. So I recruited my friend Joy, an exceedingly good sport who also loved to swim and was open to a bit of running and could...well, maybe, borrow her daughter’s old mountain bike and hope parts didn’t start falling off too far away from where we’d parked the car.

Joy and I trained, alone and together, for six weeks, and we completed our triathlon today. We had a great time! We can’t wait to spread the word about how much fun a do-it-yourself triathlon can be--and to plan our next event....

Please join us and start from wherever you are!

What will YOU tri today??